Monday, March 27, 2006

Welcome to the inanity. After Greg's post on decision theory (my favorite reason to hate on a band: Their fans are wankers/whiny/smelly/all suburban upper-middle class caucasian males between 15 and 30/otherwise somehow unappealing), here's a post on methodology.

Songs were gleaned from a survey of allmusic, Magnet top 60 albums of 95-05, Pitchfork's best albums/singles of various years and decades, and surveys of our friends and acquaintances. After that, the data sat on my computer until I forgot it, then Greg and I ran through the list in the last week. Seeding was done with minimum time and effort, and with a great deal of bias. There are 8 regions of 24; the first 8 seeds in each region gets a bye in the first round. See the brackets to the right for details.

The first matchups will go up shortly, after I get over seeing a Spoon song on a Jaguar commerical.