Sunday, April 02, 2006

So all alone I keep the wolves at bay.

Leah here, with the results half of this post. Sorry about the slight delay, I was out seeing Ray Davies (spiritual grandpappy to many of these bands) rock out. Anyhow:

Results - Round One: Northeast bracket, top half

#17 De La Soul, Me, Myself and I - 12 votes

#16 The Smiths, This Charming Man - 10 votes

"The Smiths. Who clearly should win this round and the next one, at least. Quite possibly the one after that as well." - Matt (Sorry.)

"De La Soul - Morrissey wouldn't want a Canadian voting for him right now." - Canadian Dave

#9 Nirvana, All Apologies - 15 votes
#24 Stereolab, Ping Pong - 7 votes

"Stereolab. Because of my position in the seattle/twin cities turf war, I'll almost always vote down Nirvana and their ilk." - Cranky Uncle Greg

#12 The Specials, A Message to You Rudy - 13 votes
#21 Pavement, Range Life
(1 abstention)

"I hated Pavement for a very long time until about six weeks ago. I still don't like them, but I at least found one song I like, the one that sounds nothing like anything else they did. As someone heading for his ten year HS reunion in Michigan this year, I am happy to know I won't have to explain the fact that I am a hitman." - CDB

"Pavement. In the spirit of senseless online arguments, I ask, "What is wrong with you people?" This is maybe the catchiest song on one of my favorite albums." - JZ

#13 The Dead Kennedys, Kalifornia Uber Alles - 12 votes
#20 Aztec Camera, Oblivious - 9 votes
(1 abstention)

"Aztec Camera - It seemed wrong to vote for a band that advocates the partition of California in one matchup, and then vote for "Kalifornia uber alles" in the next." - Canadian Dave

"Kalifornia. How can you not love a song so out of touch with American politics that it thinks Jerry Brown is a right-wing Nazi?!" -JoRite

Moving on... voting for this round will end at 9:00pm CST Wednesday. Comment or email me. We'll post and tally the results then. Turning things over to Greg...

I think the idea is to launch one more four-matchup slate, to let people find us and to get ourselves set up. Then we'll delve into 8-match up slates, to move things along.

Today's matchups, from the Mid-Atlantic Regional, at the Middle East, Cambridge, MA

#16 10,000 Maniacs, What's The Matter Here? (Amazon, iTunes)
#17 Jane's Addiction, Jane Says (Amazon, iTunes)
Do you prefer your songs about abuse to be about children or drugs? The choice is yours!

#9 The Clash, Train in Vain (Amazon, iTunes)
#24 Dinosaur Jr., Freak Scene (Amazon, iTunes)
The quintessential "hidden track" meets a top-notch leadoff track.

#21 Veruca Salt, Seether (Amazon, iTunes)
#12 Television, Marquee Moon (Amazon, iTunes)
3-minute nugget meets 10-minute motherlode.

#13 Radiohead, Fake Plastic Trees (Amazon)
#20 Liz Phair, Flower (Amazon, iTunes)
You'll definitely have to chuck the Radio Test here, as stations playing the Phair song likely face hefty FCC fines.