Wednesday, April 05, 2006

You had better do as you are told. You better listen to the radio.

Or your iPod, if you prefer. Results:

#17 Jane's Addiction, Jane Says - 14 votes
#16 10,000 Maniacs, What's The Matter Here? - 4 votes

" Jane--because I used to live right next to that St. Andrews Street." - JoRite, who is hopefully also through with Sergio.

#9 The Clash, Train in Vain - 15 votes
#24 Dinosaur Jr., Freak Scene - 2 votes
(1 abstention)

Dinosaur Jr - Freak Scene. I know it's going to lose but I still gotta go with my heart. And that guitar solo. And that beautiful, fuzzy guitar. Either way the winner will be a good song." - MMC

#12 Television, Marquee Moon - 12 votes
#21 Veruca Salt, Seether - 6 votes

"Riot Grrrl? More like slight altercation at a Hot Topic. " - Cranky Uncle Greg (who is not currently quoting himself -Ms. P)

#20 Liz Phair, Flower - 11 votes
#13 Radiohead, Fake Plastic Trees - 5 votes
(2 abstentions)

People like hot girls who sing dirty songs. Does there need to be more analysis? Well, okay:

"'Fake Plastic Trees' is in my senior yearbook's list of top 10 songs, nestled right between Oasis' Wonderwall and Silverchair's Tomorrow. I don't think there's a better reason not to vote for it." - Canadian Dave

And now, introducing the extensive use of YouTube! I like this so much better than providing nearly-identical 20-second soundbytes. Also, introducing 8 matchups per round. Twice the potential bickering!

Voting for this round will end at 9:00pm CST Sunday. Comment or email me. We'll post and tally the results then.

From the Mid-Atlantic Regional, at The Middle East, Cambridge, MA

#14 Soundgarden, Black Hole Sun (Amazon, iTunes)
#19 Fugazi, Waiting Room (Amazon, iTunes)
The latter proved they could have a sustainable career without selling out. The former proved selling out is pretty damn sweet.

#11 Talking Heads, Life During Wartime (Amazon, iTunes Live, from Stop Making Sense )
#22 Verve, Bittersweet Symphony (Amazon, iTunes)
The most clearly divided college rock vs. modern rock battle in the first round.

#10 Sex Pistols, God Save the Queen (music video, Amazon)
#23 Sonic Youth, Teen Age Riot (music video, iTunes)
Did you know that Kim Gordon is 2-3 years older than Johnny Rotten?

#15 Joe Jackson, Is She Really Going Out With Him? (iTunes)
#18 Echo & the Bunnymen, The Killing Moon (video, iTunes)
While I'm only linking to the studio-album samples, there are multiple versions of both songs on iTunes, all worth checking out. You'll need to listen to all four very different ISRGOWH live samples to recover from the nausea of the Sugar Ray cover.

From the Midwest Regional, at The Hacienda, Manchester, U.K.

#16 The Stooges, Search and Destroy (iTunes)
#17 The Slits, Typical Girls (Video, iTunes)
Two pioneers; only one got a Nike commercial.

#9 Elvis Costello, Radio, Radio (Amazon)
#24 Let's Active, Every Word Means No (Amazon)
A pure-pop showdown. Producer of the Pogues or producer of R.E.M.?

#21 The Sugarcubes, Birthday (Video, iTunes)
#12 David Bowie, Sound and Vision (Video (live), iTunes)
Blue-eyed pop meets one blue/one brown-eyed pop.

#13 Elliott Smith, Miss Misery (Video)
#20 Mazzy Star, Fade Into You (video, iTunes)
Could Mr. Smith be singing about Ms. Sandoval?